Bean Products Sticks Dried Tofu

Bean Products Sticks Dried Tofu

Dried tofu is made by soybean . it's being boiled soymilk heating. it's safe,relieble,healthy and delicous tofu shin.
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  • bean products sticks dried tofu 

Product Description

Best selling bean products economical price dry tofu

Best selling bean products economical price dry tofu

Bean curd stick is boil soymilk heating, heat preservation, over a period of time form a layer of thin film surface, drooping branches shape after pick, then through dry. Its shape like bamboo, called bean curd stick. Bean curd stick is composed of soybean protein and fat membrane, the product of a certain structure. High nutritional value, easy to save, edible is convenient, favored by domestic and foreign consumers.


Edible Value

1. Rich nutrition

Contains rich protein and various nutrients.

2. Delicious

With rich bean fragrance, as well as the unique taste that other soy products do not have. 

3. Have healthy brain function, can prevent the occurrence of alzheimer's disease

Glutamic acid content is very high, for other legumes or 2 ~ 5 times that of animal food, the glutamate plays an important role in brain activity.

4. Reduce the cholesterol in the blood, prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis

Bean curd stick is contained in anhydride of phospholipids, soap also can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.


 Best selling bean products economical price dry tofu


Bean curd stick, Fuzhu, Yuba



Shelf life

1 years

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Ideal for restaurant and family cooking, instant food


Korea, Japan, Asia, Singapore, North America. etc