Delicious And No Chemical Seasoning Tofu

Delicious And No Chemical Seasoning Tofu

Inariage is a fried bean curd/tofu pouch, which is often cooked and seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. We use it Inari Sushi and Kitsune Udon. Our products is 100% additive-free healty food, which is abailable ready made in vacuum-sealed bag.
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Product Details

Quick Details

Product Type:Tofu

Type:Dry Tofu

Primary Ingredient:Toufu


Place of Origin:Japan

Usage:Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Product Name:Fried bean curd

Ingredient:100% Additive-free

Packaging Details:

48 pcs / bag 

10 bags / box

Delivery Time:30 DAYS

StorageExpiration date
Freezer ( - 18 ℃ )1 Year
Refrigerator ( 0 ~ 18 ℃ )

180 days

The ingredient itself are deep-fried tofu pouches or called Abura Age .  When you read “deep-fried tofu”, most people would recall thick square deep-fried tofu used in Asian dishes.  Those are called Atsu Age in Japan.  However, these deep fried tofu pouches are flat and come in a package similar to the picture above.