High Value Natural Dried Tofu

High Value Natural Dried Tofu

pale yellow to gold, glossy in appearance; The texture is fine, the flexibility is good, the long cooking does not melt; Fresh and tender, tender and tender. Physical and chemical indexes: the protein content is greater than 42%, the fat content is greater than 18%, and the moisture content is less than 10%. Safety and other quality technical requirements: product safety and other quality technical requirements must comply with the relevant state regulations.
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     1. Non-transgenic bean

     2. Meat substitute

     3. Rich in proteins

     4. Suitable for vegetarian


    Product details

    IngredientsSoybeans, drinking water
    Storage methodDry, moisture-proof
    Shelf life66 Months
    Food additiveNo
    Net content400g , 500g , 800, 1000, 
    Packing methodDried bean curd in bags and box 
    MarketKorea, Japan, Asia, Singapore, North America. etc 
    Product KeywordsDried tofu, Natural dried tofu, Bean curd sheet 


    Process flow:

    Soyabean (soybean), panning (wash), soaking (water), ground (water), pulp (water), peeling, peeling, drying, and packaging.


    Tofu-skin is a traditional Chinese soybean product, which has many famous dishes in southern and northern China. According to modern science, tofu-skin contains the 18 trace elements needed for the human body, such as iron, calcium and molybdenum. There are many different name in China, such as bean curd sheet, bean curd stick, bean curd skin, Doufupi and Douyoupi. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that children's consumption can improve immunity and promote physical and intellectual development. Long-term consumption of older people can prolong life. Especially for pregnant women during the period of postpartum consumption can quickly restore the health, and can increase the milk water. Tofu skin has the advantages of easy digestion and fast absorption.

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