Dried Green Seaweed Small Leaves Raw Flakes for Salad

Japanese food nutrition experts, wakame contains high-quality nutrients, is a healthy, longevity food fully affirmed. Wakame contains sugar, protein, a variety of amino acids and various trace elements and vitamins for human health.
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NAME: Dried Emerald Green Wakame Seaweed Curled Leaves Raw Flakes For Salad

FEATURES: Contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, sodium, and a variety of amino acids and alginate acids, dietary fiber, etc.Undaria pinnatifida is a large brown alga whose nutritional value is high and its health care is obvious, which is mainly produced in the coastal clean waters such as China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. According to the 1999 survey, the world wakame production totaled 570,000 tons, of which China is about 200,000 tons, accounting for about 35% of the world's total output. Consumption only 50,000 tons, less than 10% of the total output, most of the wakame on the Japanese and Korean table, of which the Japanese annual consumption of about 355,000 tons, accounting for more than 60% of total output. A population of only one tenth of China's national consumption of wakame more than 6 times our country, and three meals a day to eat wakame, here in addition to eating habits, indicating that wakame is nutritious, delicious, healthy Benefit.

APPLICATION: It can reduce weight, beauty, detoxification, anti-cancer magic effect, but also can reduce blood pressure and enhance the role of vascular tissue

AFTER SALE: Dry storage at normal temperature.




Dried Wakame  Seaweed Curled Cut


Dark green


Yes And  Welcomed






500g/1kg or  as customer’s requirement

Edible method

First open  the vacuum bag soaked in water for 20-30minutes the water-fat,can be  cold,stir-fries,make soup or salad


Room  temperature storage,and keep in dry place

Delivery Time

by  sea:30days

by  express:3-5days

Shipping Port


Main Market

USA,Japan,Europe,Thailand,Middle  east


L/C,T/T,  Could be negotiated as per the specific inquiry and order