Konbu Dried Seaweeds Kelp For Soup In 1kg Pack

Konbu Dried Seaweeds Kelp For Soup In 1kg Pack

It can be eaten with tofu, fish, mushrooms, eggs and other green vegetables.

Product Details

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: roasted seaweeds

  • Saving Condition: Dried

  • Name: Seaweed

  • Available Packing: 50 Sheets ,80sheets

  • Specification: Halal kosher ISO22000

  • Type: Seaweed

  • Producing Area: Seafood

  • Shelf Life: 24 Months

  • Origin: China

  • Product Description 

It can be eaten with tofu, fish, mushrooms, eggs and other green vegetables.
Kombu is used extensively in Japanese cuisines as one of the three main ingredients needed to make dashi, a soup stock. Kombu is sold dried (dashi kombu) or pickled in vinegar (su kombu) or as a dried shred (boro kombu or shiraga kombu). It may also be eaten fresh in sashimi. Making kombu dashi is simple, though the powder form may also be used. A strip of dried kombu in cold water, then heated to near-boiling, is the first step of making dashi and the softened kombu is commonly eaten after cooking. It can also be sliced and used to make tsukudani, a dish that is simmered in soy sauce and mirin.
Kombu may be pickled with sweet-and-sour flavoring, cut into small strips about 5 or 6 cm long and 2 cm wide. These are often eaten as a snack with green tea. It is often included when cooking beans, putatively to add nutrients and improve their digestibility.
Kombucha , "seaweed tea", is a beverage brewed from dried and powdered kombu. This is sometimes confused with the unrelated English word kombucha, an incorrect yet accepted neologism for the fermented and sweetened tea from Russia, which is called kcha kinoko () in Japan.
Kombu is also used to prepare a seasoning for rice to be made into sushi.

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