Dried Wakame Cut

Dried Wakame Cut

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Basic Info

Product Description

  • Source: Cultivated and Wild

  • Type: Marine Algae

1. Product name: Dehydrated wakame cut
2. Used for soup and salad
3. Colors: Dark green
4. Moisture: Max 8%

Nutrition: Wakame contains various manerials like calcium, iron, iodine, etc which human needs. It's iodine content as much as kelp. Eat 10 grams dried wakame can meet the human needs of the various minerals 1/8 quantity to all. And any other human make food is difficult to achieve it. It contains rich carotene. In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamin E, C and dietary fiber.

Dietotherapy function: Research shows that dried wakame contains the kelp amino acids and brown algae acid, which can lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots, therefore, often eat dried wakame can decrease produce stroke and risk of myocardial infarction. In addition, dried wakame can eliminate constipation and protect skin effect, so it is a good food for women to male much beauty and fat people to lose weight.

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