Pickled Sushi Shouga Gari Ginger

Pickled Sushi Shouga Gari Ginger

Ginger is made of in China,Pickled Sushi ginger will be made from tender and fresh ginger. pickled ginger is warm stomach , and good side dish and try to eat pickled ginger everyday.
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      pickeld ginger beni shoga   1kgx10bags/ctn   600-800ctns/20'fcl.

                                                 9.07kg/barrel       1342barrel/20'fcl

Style: Pickled/Sushi

Preservation Process: Vinegar/Sweet/other Liquied

Ginger underground stems,  New ginger will be harvest on the middle of August. fresh and tender ginger will be shown on themarkets. on which can be indefinite roots and sprouts, it is called ginger buds. Ginger sprout and ginger is similar, with aroma of spicy

The main place of Original of ginger in China is in Shandong province, especially in the Shandong Peninsula area.

Among them, Laiwu City, Shandong Province is China's largest ginger export base, and ginger planting area exceeds 

200,000 mu.

 We have an advanced techology processing factory: Rising workshop-cut into slice- cooking-drained-bagging and adding liquied-seal 

we have our own ginger farm and guarantee enough products and competitive price.

 Our company policy is: "Century  enterprises. Century quality. Century service"


Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious pickle ginger for all over the world.

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