Natural Pickled Ginger Shredded

Natural Pickled Ginger Shredded

Pickled ginger is Rinse the tender and young ginger into brine, sliced into pieces, thickness is between 0.8mm and 1.5mm, preserved in vinegar and candied, sometimes add some natural and edible color additives, it tastes delicious and tender, soft, fresh, good to health.
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Product Details

Natural Pickled Ginger shredded

Product Description

  • Kind: Salted Vegetables

  • Taste: Sweet

  • Form: Sliced

  • Type: Pickled

  • Packaging: Bag

  • Transport Package: Carton, Drum, Barrels

  1. Factory Introduction:
       20-year manufacturer specialized in pickled and fresh ginger and radish.
       Top quality but low price: youg ginger from 20th of Aug.,while we own ourselves plant base.
       Anual export for fresh and pickled product up to 2,0000tons.
       4000 tons pickled capacity for stable price and quality of the whole year.
       20-year experienced pickled technologist for ingredient control and flavor assurance.

  2. 2.Pickled Sushi Ginger Description

                                         Product Description
Product  Pickled Sushi Ginger
Main Ingredients Ginger,Water,Salt,Granulated Sugar,Aspartame,Potassium Sorbate,Monosodium Glutamate,Citric Acid,Malic Acid
Color Pink, Natural, Red
Taste Sweet and Sour
Processing Seasoned
Thickness 0.9-1.0mm
Weight dw:1kg nw:1.5kg
Package: Inner Packing Vaccum Bag
1kgbag or as required
Outer packing Carton or Plastic Box
Shelf Life: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months 
Specification 9.07kg/barrel Specification 1kg* 10bags/Carton
Net Weight 9.07kg9ginger)/barrel Net Weight 10kgs
Gross Weight 15.5kgs Gross Weight 15.5kgs
Measurement 0.019cbm Measurement 0.019cbm
Loading/20GP 1174/1242/1342 barrels  Loading 1400 ctns
Color Pink, Natural, Red Color Pink, Natural, Red
Departure Port Qingdao Departure Port Qingdao
Delivery Time 20 days Delivery Time 20 days

we can supply high quality and competitive price for you . pickled ginger is safe,reliabe,health,delicious sushi ginger.

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