Sweet And Sour Pickled Ginger

Sweet And Sour Pickled Ginger

Ginger underground stems, on which can be indefinite roots and sprouts, it is called ginger buds. Ginger sprout and ginger is similar, with aroma of spicy, refreshing, appetizers promote food, when used as a vegetable spice can increase the flavor of the food, and promote appetite.

Product Details


  pickled ginger cube

 Pcking:1kgx12bags/ctn or according to your requirement


 Processing: salted ginger-washing-cut pieces-cooking sterilization-

             packing-add vinegar sour sonseaned liquid-seal 

 As a factory that we can guarantee high quality & competitive price and good service for you.

 We have foreign equipments have been provided a strict support of product quality.


Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious pickled ginger to our 

society. top quality and super services.

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