Pickled Ginger White Or Pink

Pickled Ginger White Or Pink

Ginger originated in the tropical rainforests from the Indian subcontinent to Southern Asia where ginger plants show considerable genetic variation.

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  • Organic Ginger: No

  • Size: 1kg*10 Bags / Carton

  • Type: Pickled

  • Transport Package: in Carton

  • Origin: China 

  • Usage: Edible,Processing Type

  • Style: Whole

  • Color: White or Pink

  • Specification: 1kg*10 bags / carton

Gari is a type of pickled vegetables. It is sweet, thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated in a solution of sugar and vinegar. Young ginger is generally preferred for gari because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. Gari is often served and eaten after sushi, and is sometimes called sushi ginger. There are different kinds of sushi; ginger can erase the flavor of your tongue and sterilize the fish bacteria. So when you eat the other flavor sushi; you will taste the original flavor and fresh of fish.

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