Pickled Sushi Ginger In Bottle

Pickled Sushi Ginger In Bottle

Ginger is a kind of economic crop that has great value in development and utilization. It contains protein, polysaccharide, vitamins and many kinds of trace elements in addition to the physiologically active substances such as zingerone and gingerol. It combines nutrition, seasoning and health care, It is considered as a health care product with the same source as medicine and medicine by medical scientists. It has the functions of dispelling cold, dispelling dampness, warming stomach and accelerating blood circulation.
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 Basic Information

Business Terms
CertificateGAP, Kosher, JAS, TNC(Tesco)
Packaging200g, 240g, 400g, 500g, 900g, 1kg, 20lbs(9.07kgs)and customized packaging available
Delivery Time25-30days after order comfirmation
Shelf Life12months
Main BrandTASSYA

Product Features
Made with high quality raw materials, non-gmo treatment.
Tasty and multiple kinds.
Storage: Store in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Packaging Information
Pickled sushi ginger:
9.07kgs(20lbs)/plastic bucket,

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100% of our products be exported! We are mainly exporting to Euro-America-Southeast countries which includes France-Germany-Sweden-Hungary-Israel-Japan-Ukraine-Russia-Thailand-Madagascar-Chile-Brazil-Spain-Colombia-Turkey-India-Pakistan-Philippines-Samoa-Bulgaria-Armenia-Micronesia FS-Norway-Netherlands-Poland-Saudi Arabia-Guinea-Ghana-Nigeria,etc.

We spend much on visiting and analyzing factories in China, only the best qualified and strictly audited factories would be chosen and selected to cooperate with us. We work with our factories in a strategic cooperation to develop together,this is the reason why our products are always stable and the longest cooperation with our factories and customers.

We pay attention to every order, so inspection becomes a very important part to us, we'll inspect every batch of products in our warehouse or factories before shipment, in case of any problems,we'll inform you timely to reduce the losses. We believe that there is no best, but we can do better and better with accumulated experiences.To be your trusted partner is always our goal!