Pickled White Sushi Ginger Slice

Pickled White Sushi Ginger Slice

Pickled ginger is made of the raw material. Pickled ginger is used by sushi rice or roll and main seasoned side dish. it's sweet and sour. it's good taste and can be appetizing and has a desire to eat for everyone of all over the world.

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Product name   Sushi Ginger
Main Ingredient   Ginger,Water,Salt,Sodium,Saccharin, Aspartame,Potassium
Taste:   Sweet and Sour
Processing:       Seasoned
thickness 0.9-1.1mm
Package: Inner Packing:1kg/bag 10bag/ctn Vacuum bag
Shelf Life: 18 months
Main Markets: North America,Eastern Europe. Russia ,Japan. south korea. England.

  Ginger is not only a delicacy but also a good medicine for health care. Since ancient times, there has been the custom of eating ginger and health, and vinegar bubble ginger is a more effective health food therapy. When understanding the efficacy of vinegar bubble ginger, do not neglect the consumption taboo of vinegar bubble ginger. In general, it is best to eat two pieces of vinegar and bubble ginger after getting up in the morning. Do not eat more. And if you are not suitable for vinegar bubble ginger, it is best not to eat.

   Many elderly people have such feelings. In the same dish, children eat very much, but they have no appetite and feel no taste. This phenomenon is usually related to the decline in digestive function of the elderly, because indigestion causes cold stomach, too cold stomach, lack of calories, and therefore is particularly afraid of eating cold or greasy food. Old people with this condition may wish to use vinegar soaked ginger dietary therapy.

   Vinegar foaming ginger is simple, first prepare the right amount of ginger, cut into pieces and put it in a vinegar jar for a week. Eat two or three tablets each morning. Do not eat more. Of course, in addition to vinegar bubble ginger, ginger has a variety of edible methods, the effect is also quite a lot of

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