Seasoned Pickled Chinese Sushi Ginger 1kg Bag For Sale

Seasoned Pickled Chinese Sushi Ginger 1kg Bag For Sale

Sweating solution table, stop vomiting in warm, warm lungs and cough, dissolve fish and crab poison, antidote drug. Suitable for exogenous cold, headache, phlegm, cough, cold stomach and vomiting; in the case of ice, snow, water, cold after the invasion, urgency to drink ginger, it can increase blood line, disperse cold evil.

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Chewing ginger can cause high blood pressure. Gingerol has a stimulating effect on the oral and gastric mucosa, which can promote secretion of digestive juices and increase appetite. Intestinal tension, rhythm and peristalsis can be increased. There is a peripheral vomiting effect and the active ingredient is a mixture of zingerone and zingerone. It has excitatory effects on the respiratory and vasomotor centers and can promote blood circulation. In vitro experiments showed significant inhibitory effects on Salmonella typhi and Vibrio cholerae.


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