Wholesale Tasty Pickled Pink Sushi Ginger

Wholesale Tasty Pickled Pink Sushi Ginger

Pickled ginger is a young ginger that has been infused with a solution made from vinegar and sugar. Because of the sweetness and tender flesh of the young ginger, it is ideal to be made into a pickled ginger.
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Product Details

We have own pickled ginger factory.Now pickled ginger was exported to Japan and UK.Our company processing the pickled ginger. high quality and advantage price for our customers.

  Now i am show you for our Manufacturing process.

  1.Raw material: Salted ginger

  2.washing:with clear water

  3.Select and classification

  4.washing: with clear water again

  5.Slice:Ginger thickness 2.5mm*2.5mm. or according to customer's requirement.


  7.packing:Ginger 1kg per bags add flavoring.

  8.Metal detector

  9.Storage:Normal temperature storage

  10.Sampling inspection:10% cargo will be inspecte from this contract to control quality.

  11.Shipment:the carog will be delivered for 15days after signed the contract. 

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