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Kelp is a plant that grows in shallow oceans. They grow large, dense groupings of these plants, in what is known as a kelp forest. It is a large brown algae seaweed that is known as the order Laminariales. They are fast growing organisms that thrive in nutrient-rich waters. Some forms of kelp...

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Kelp is a plant that grows in shallow oceans.

They grow large, dense groupings of these plants, in what is known as a kelp forest.

It is a large brown algae seaweed that is known as the order Laminariales.

They are fast growing organisms that thrive in nutrient-rich waters.

Some forms of kelp have been known to grow a foot and a half each day. 

They can reach heights of 100 to 260 feet. 

Due to its high nutrient content and fast growth rate, sea kelp has been used in 

food and supplements for centuries.

In 1750, burned dried kelp was used to treat goiter. Dr. Bernard Russell, an English 

physician discovered that this plant contained high levels of iodine.

Goiter is caused by a problem with the thyroid gland due to lack of iodine.

Also, being a great source of iodine, it is also said that kelp contains almost every 

mineral the human body needs, as well as amino acids and vitamins. 


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