Dark Green Kelp

Dark Green Kelp

In recent years, the company has cooperated with Ocean University, China Oceanographic Research Institute, Qingdao Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Haida Biological Group and Qingdao Jundai Seaweed Group Co., Ltd. to conduct research and development on kelp in food, medicine and seaweed fertilizer.

Product Details

Kelp dried products: preferably 4 - 6 months of deep-sea kelp growth period, is different from the traditional

Dry dried kelp, but also different from the salt kelp processing of high salt kelp, my company to improve the drying process and drying equipment, formed its own unique dried kelp products.
Mainly include: dried kelp head, dried kelp silk, dried kelp strips, dried kelp buckle and dried kelp film, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements.

1 color: green or dark green
2 form: kelp head, kelp, kelp silk, kelp buckle, kelp tablets and so on
3 Moisture: g / 100g ≤16
4 Salt: g / 100g ≤ 18
5 impurities: not detected
6 lead: mg / kg ≤ 1.0
7 inorganic arsenic: mg / kg ≤ 1.0
8 Total number of colonies: CFU / g ≤2000
9 coliform bacteria: MPN / g ≤ 0.3


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