New Crop High Quality Organic Dried Kelp Seaweed Salad

The company mainly engaged in: seasoning wakame, dried wakame, roasted seaweed, seafood condiments, all kinds of packaged seafood and species and supporting sale of tableware.

Product Details

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  • Annual Production Capacity(Last Year)

  • Product NameProduction Line CapacityActual Units Produced(Previous Year)
    Seasoned Sushi Food300 Tons / Month3000 Tons
    Salted Products200 Tons / Month650 Tons
    Frozen Products200 Tons / Month400 Tons
    Boil Products150 Tons / Month1200 Tons
    Dried Mushrooms300 Tons / Month2000 Tons
  • Our Product

  • Although the seaweed is good but it is also not easy to eat, because the high iodine content of wakame, so when suffering from excessive iodine disease patients should eat less wakame, high iodized areas in the coastal areas of China should eat less wakame, It can effectively prevent the occurrence of iodine excess disease.


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