Salted Kelp Seaweed Cut Knots

Salted Kelp Seaweed Cut Knots

This frozen salted kelp/laminaria cut are produced from sea green kelp plant and is of great food value. It contains rich mineral elements such as iodine, potassium, calcium, manganese, ferrum and zinc, and also contains rich vitamins, algae gum acid, manifold, etc, which the land plant can't provide.

Product Details

Salted Kelp/Kombu Knots

1) Kelp could anticancer, dieting, antioxidation
2) Kelp could reduce lipoids, anti-tumor, drive away blood platelet
3) Lose Overweight
4) Anticancer; Antitumor
5) Improve digestion system, prevention of diabetes, lower cholesterin

We are mainly engaged in aquaculture, processing, packaging and sales. We have self-owned mariculture area, processing plants, refrigeratory system and trading area. There are three production bases, covering about 60, 000 square meters, with 36, 000 square meters floorage. We are the leading enterprise of the regional aquatic industry. 


Salted kelp cut,With fresh salted seaweed as raw material, through cutting, dehydration, classification process .


Advantage :


1.With "Quality Safety" and "Non-Pollution "

2.Taste:crisp and smootn


4.Timely delivery


     Kelp, is a nutritious edible brown algae, nutrient-rich, especially low-calorie, protein, high minerals, with the help digestion, prevent constipation, such as obesity and eating functions, is an ideal natural food

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