Salted Seaweed Kelp laminaria komba For Food

Salted Seaweed Kelp laminaria komba For Food

Seaweed kelp is made from the middle part of kelp harvested in a pollution-free shore of Dalian,The seaweed stalk is carefully picked,threaded,cut and strict following the Japanese standard procedure.
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Salted seaweed kelp for food

Soaked rate: Double (Expansion 200% up expansion)

       Temperature of storage:-18℃.

      Period of validity:  two years

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  • 15 days upon 30%TT




Seaweed Kelp/Laminaria/Kombu for Food



Kelp is a high nutritional value of vegetables, dried kelp per hectogram contains: 8.2 grams of crude protein, fat 0.1 grams, 57 grams of sugar, crude fiber 9.8 grams, 12.9 grams of inorganic salts, calcium 2.25 grams, 0.15 grams of iron, As well as 0.57 mg of carotene, 0.69 mg of thiamine (vitamin B1), 0.36 mg of riboflavin (vitamin B2) and 16 mg of nicotinic acid, giving a calorie of 262 kcal. Compared with spinach, in addition to vitamin C, its crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron content is higher than several times.

1) Kelp could anticancer, dieting, antioxidation

2) Kelp could reduce lipoids, anti-tumor, drive away blood platelet

3) Lose Overweight

4) Anticancer; Antitumor

5) Improve digestion system, prevention of diabetes, lower cholesterin

Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious seafood to our society. top quality and super services.

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