Salted Wakame Double Rate

Salted Wakame Double Rate

Undaria pinnatifida, brown stout, kelp head, fusarium, wakame. Is a seaweed plants, leaf-green feather lobes, leaves thin than the seaweed, shaped like a large broken sunflower fan, also like the crony, so take its name. Light dry, two kinds of salty. Wakame seaweed kelp is a genus of seaweed, known as the sea vegetables.

Product Details

salted wakame

 Full specification:
Ingredients: salty seaweed 
  Length: 4 CM
  Temperature of storage:-18℃, two years.
Soaked rate:Double  
  Salinity: >22%
  Packing: 15 KG/carton “No brand”
Volume: 1 X 20’FCL (1,100 cartons / 16,500 KG)
       1 X 40’FCL (1,733 cartons / 25,995 KG)
Nutrition Facts:
Protein: 18g
Fat: 4.0g
Carbohydrates: 41.8g
Fiber: 35.6 g
Sodium: 9500mg

salted wakame photo_副本.jpgwakame stem (1)_副本.jpgwakame stem (4)_副本.jpghe-seaweed-wakame11lf1_副本.jpg

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