Seasoned Pollock Fillets

Seasoned Pollock Fillets

When boiled cod, should not bring to a boil, broth can be placed with a slow cook about 8 minutes, can also be placed in the liquid has boiled Shaozhu it, then quickly take away the pot from the stove, set aside aside 15 minutes

Product Details


Product Type: Fish

Variety: Salmon

Style: Frozen

Freezing Process: IQF

Shape: Block

Part: Body

Certification: FDA

Packaging: Vacuum Pack

Shelf Life: 9 months

Weight (kg): 22

Place of Origin: Sakhalin Oblast, Russian Federation

Model Number: 600+

Size: 600+

Catch zone: East Sakhalin subzone

Catch time: Jun-July

Frozen way: Land frozen

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