Frozen Roasted Eel

Frozen Roasted Eel

Roasted Eel rich in a variety of nutrients, with tonic nourishing, dampness, anti-tonic and other effects, is a chronic illness, weakness, anemia, tuberculosis and other patients good nutrition. Eel body contains a very rare West River Locke protein, has a good strong kidney function, is a young couple, the elderly health food; Eel is rich in calcium aquatic products, regular consumption, can make the blood calcium increased, make the body strong
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging DetailsCARTON(10KGS/CTNS OR 20KGS/CTNS) VACUUMEDDelivery Time30 days


Water eel, roasted eel,without head,with sousayce 
packing:carton and vacuum,2-5kg/ctn

Ruijin hongdu aquatic food co.,ltd was found in 1996 and trades mainly in the breeding,processing  and selling of freshwater eels,mackerel and other seafood products.


kind of eel:

1.head-less sebiraki

2.headon sebiraki

3.headon sebiraki


5.eel skewer

6.eel slice

7.frozen eel fillets


eel size:

1. 20p,30p,40p...150p



Color:   roasted eels is  brown yellow,frozen eel is white and black

Material:fresh water eel(Anguilla anguilla and Japonica anguilla)

Packing: 10kg or 20kg/carton

The shelf life:2 years


Welcome all the clients to our factory,and taste our products.



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