Tasty Spicy and Hot Frozen Seasoned Octopus Seafood Salad

Octopus, belonging to the octopus Octopoda. The octopus has eight brachiopods, a large number of suction cups on the bracers and feet; black ink sometimes spouts to help escape. Some octopus has a well-developed brain, it can distinguish itself in the mirror. China's north-south coast are distributed. Fishing is divided into two seasons, spring March-May; autumn September-November. Our common octopus are:Octopusochellatus、Octopusvariabilis、Octopusvulgaris. In the Mediterranean, the East, and some other parts of the world, octopus has long been regarded as a delicacy.
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Product Details

Very Popular Tasty Spicy and Hot Frozen Seasoned Octopus Seafood Salad

Quick Details

Product Type: Food

Style: Frozen

Weight (kg): 2


Age: Adults, Children, Old-Aged

Contents: Octopus, fern, bamboo shoot, chilli

Packaging: Box

Shelf Life: 18 months

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Model Number: ZJ-OS

Color: Red/Natural

Ingredients: Fern, Bamboo shoot, Chilli

Raw material: Octopus

Other flavor: Chuka/Wasabi/Spicy

Type: Sole Japanese owned manufactory since 1991

Service: OEM

Other products: Squid salad, seaweed salad, scallop wings salad

Application: Sushi, Japanese cuisine, Family cooking

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Vacuum packaging + Plastic Box + Bundle/CTN

Delivery Time

20 days

Nutritional value:

1.Octopus contains vitamin E ingredients, vitamin E can promote reproductive capacity, prevention of threatened abortion, anti-free radical oxidation, carp consumption for men and women health, beauty skin care are very helpful.

2.Octopus contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and other vitamin B family composition, and skin health are closely related to prevent eczema, to help the skin resist sun damage, promote skin cell regeneration, prevent rough skin, improve skin health.

3.Octopus contains taurine, anti-fatigue, lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels, but also to promote the development of infants and young children's brain tissue and improve visual function, for adults, anti-oxidation, anti-aging