Delicious Soy Sauce

Delicious Soy Sauce

It is JP sushi soy sauce. If you eat it with sushi and sashimi is very delicious.
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Product Details

The traditional item from the home of soy-sauce, Tatsuno.
A special method of brewing has been passed down to one generation to the next in Tatsuno area, the home of soy-sauce, for more than a century.
The yeast with a history over 100 years make a difference in its taste and aroma of the product.
This mysterious effects would never be achieved with a modern mechanized manufacturing method.

Color With darker brown and lustrous color.

 Tastes somewhat salty,  It gives colour to dishes easily and the colour

 can be kept for a long time.


 For enhancing flavor, usually served for cooking dishes and preparing cooking

 or cold dishes. 

Ingredient Water, Non-GMO extract of soya beans, Salt, Sugar, Wheat Flour.
Serving Suggestion

 Dark Soy Sauce is mainly used for colouring, marinating and stewing to

 enhance the taste and appearance of various dishes. 

Nutrition information
typical values per 100g
 Protein 4.6g
 Carbohydrate 14g
 Fat 0.1g