Fresh Traditional Fermented Soy Sauce

Fresh Traditional Fermented Soy Sauce

After immersed in cooking, 69 ~ 90 MPa pressure cooking 0.5 ~ 1 hour, and then immediately decompress cooking pot, quickly cooled to about 40 °C.   After the wheat is picked, it is roasted and broken and crushed to an appropriate degree so that the wheat is crushed into 3 to 5 grains and an appropriate amount of powder is mixed.   The cooked defatted soybeans and the crushed wheat were mixed in approximately the same volume. Inoculated with koji bacteria to make koji

Product Details

Product Description

Detailed Product Description
Sushi soy sauce
1.100% food grade material
2. Strict quality control
3. Safe screw cap, no any leaking
4. OEM is ok

Basic Information:

1. Packaging Type: Metal Barrel, Plastic Drum, Glass Table, Plastic Drum, Carton, Pet Bottle, Sachet, Pail,

2. Delivery Time: 20days after cofnirm the order

3. Shelf Life: 24Months
Product Features:

1. Made from high quality Soy Bean, Non-GMO treatment.

2. Specification: AN>=0.7g/100ml

3. Storage: Store in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
Main Marketing:

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