Healthy Sauce MSG Free Light Soy Sauce

Healthy Sauce MSG Free Light Soy Sauce

All of our products are fermented from natural soybeans without preservatives, through strictly sanitary processes. There is different style soy sauce. For example, sushi soy sauce, normal soy sauce, sashimi soy sauce, less salt soy sauce etc. Our Soy Sauce is produced from carefully selected NON-GMO soybeans as raw materials. Natural fermented directly under the sunshine for 3monthes.with strong and pure natural flavor of preserved beans. Soy sauce is an essential seasoning in oriental food culture and widely used in cooking any kind of dishes, such as vegetables, meat, salad, Sushi, sashimi, seafood etc. And add a fragrant taste to your meal.

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1. Soy Sauce enhances the sweetness and richness of varoius of cooking.

2. As all-purpose seasoning sauce, perfect for dipping, marinating, stir-frying or as sauce base.

3. Only need to add a couple of table spoons to get the full flavour and texture.

4. Various packages for customers options. 

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