Superior Light Soy Sauce 620Ml 750g In Glass Bottle

Superior Light Soy Sauce 620Ml 750g In Glass Bottle

Soy sauce commonly known as soy sauce, mainly from soybeans, starch, wheat, salt after oil, fermentation and other brewing process. Salty-based, but also flavor, flavor and so on. It can increase and improve the taste of dishes, but also add or change the color of dishes. The Chinese people have mastered the brewing process thousands of years ago.
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Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • 150ml,200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 623ml, 630ml, 640ml, 750g, 850ml,1000ml,5lbs(2.25kgs),8L(10kg),15kgs,25kgs, 200L, 1000L

  • Delivery Time

  • 15-25 days after deposit received

Product Description


Healthy Sauce MSG Free Light Soy Sauce 625ml 750g

Product Name

NON-MSG Light Soy Sauce


FREE of MSG, NON-GMO raw materials


Bright Light Red Brown Color With Golden Shine


Salty and Little sweet.

Main Ingredients

Water, Non-GMO Soybean, Salt, etc.


Soy Bean,Wheat


Energy : 161kJ                     Protein:3.3g                                                          Carbohydrate : 6.2g            Sodium: 4940mg                                                  

Serving Suggestion

Mainly used for flavoring food by marinating, cooking and dipping.

Shelf Life

24 months


Close the lid tightly and keep refrigerated after use.

Delivery Time

15-25 days



Our Company

Dalian Enterprises Co., Ltd is a well-known ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified name engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading and exporting seasoned seafood, at competitive price. Having an experience of decades, we are primarily into proffering , Dehydrated Horseradish Flake and Horseradish Powder, Wasabi paste, Wasabi powder, Soy sauce, pickled ginger,frozen seasoned wakame seaweed,dried wakame,sushi nori and so on.

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