Unique Taste Soy Sauce For Dishes

Unique Taste Soy Sauce For Dishes

Soy sauce is a traditional Chinese condiment. Liquid seasonings made from beans, wheat, and bran. Red-brown color, unique sauce, delicious taste, helps to promote appetite.

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  500g/bag, 180L/bottle,500L/bottle

According to the manufacturing process

Mainly classified from the fermentation mode. (In addition, it can be differentiated from salt-free, low-salt, high-salt, solid-solid, warm-brewed, and digested.) Here, the classification is based on the industry's most common method of habit differentiation.

1. Low-salt solid state process: Relatively high-salt lean state process, low-salt solid-state fermentation uses a relatively low salt content, and a large proportion of bran, part of rice husk, and a small amount of wheat flour are added to form a non-fluid solid mash, which is thick The method of salt-sealing ponds is used for fermentation, and the fermentation can be matured after about 21 days of incubation. The way to extract soy sauce is to remove the oil from the pool or the original pool.

Features: Short fermentation time, thick sauce, deep color, low amino acid conversion rate.

2. Sprinkling process: The fermentation tank is used for fermentation, and the fermentation tank is set for false bottom. The fake bottom is the filtered sauce, and the pump is used to pump the fake bottom sauce to the surface of the sauce bowl to realize the purpose of uniform fermentation. It is an improved process for low-salt solid soy sauce. The reason why it is distinguished separately is that he is increasingly replacing the trend of low-salt solid soy sauce, and because of its high utilization of low-salt solid-state technology, good flavor, and low investment in retrofits. The advantages are accepted by most production companies.

3. High-salt lean state process: a fermentation process using soybean meal and wheat as raw materials, raw material treatment, high pressure steaming of soybean meal, wheat roasting, mixed koji fermentation, and juice extraction


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