100% Pure Natural Halal Wasabi Paste

100% Pure Natural Halal Wasabi Paste

Wasabi, also known as "Japanese horseradish", is a hot Japanese spice root and an important member on any sushi table. Some like to mix it with soy sauce bowl for future dipping, and some rather place it directly on the sushi just before they eat.
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  • Packaging Details

  • Wasabi paste : 
    43g per tube, a tube in a box, 
    2.5g, 3g, 5g in a sachet 
    Packing can be changed according to Client's need.

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  • Within 20 Day of wasabi pas

    Horseradish (scientific name: Armoracia rusticana) Alias: horseradish, wasabi radish, etc., is a cauliflower, cruciferous, horseradish perennial upright herbs. All hairless. Roots hypertrophy, fusiform, white, lower branches. Stem stout, the surface of the longitudinal groove, multi-branched. Origin Eastern Europe and Turkey, has more than 2,000 years of cultivation history. Qingdao, China's suburbs of Shanghai earlier cultivation, and other suburbs or vegetable processing base with a small amount of cultivation.

    While wasabi is quite rare and expensive, so the general seen wasabi pastes are made of wasabi root, horseradish and mustard. the taste and flavor is almost the same as real 100% wasabi. so it's quite populous as a substitute of the rare wasabi.

    "It's a water loving plant, but it does not grow completely submerged in water like a water lily or something," explains Prof Carol Miles, from the Department of Horticulture at Washington State University .

    Mr Agro, who is chief executive and president of Wasabia, the medical side of the business, says studies have shown that extracts of wasabi can have health benefits, such as anti-bacterial and stomach-calming properties, and the ability to help reduce wrinkles.

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