Natural Wasabi Peanuts

Natural Wasabi Peanuts

Wasabi are usually marketed as root; mustard roots are ground to fine mud before use. Mustard sauce made after the seal needs to be sealed to prevent the odor from volatilizing; so Sushi Master Sushi will be mustard between fish and rice.
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Wasabi (Japanese: Wasabi / Wasabi *), the scientific name Wasabia japonica, is a plant belonging to the cruciferous family, also known as "Japanese chanterelles", is a green plant with a very strong taste. Its spicy and peppery different, hot pepper spicy tongue, and Wasabi spicy but stimulate the sinuses. Wasabi are commonly found near the valleys of Japan's valleys, and other species include W. koreana and W. tetsuigi. The two popular wasabi on the market are W. japonica 'Daruma' and W. japonica 'Mazuma' But there are many different varieties of wasabi.

  • Model NO.: flakes

  • Type: Dried

  • Packaging: Box

  • Flavor: Hot Spice

  • Horseradish Powder: Available

  • Wasabi Powder: Available

  • Supply Time: The Whole Year

  • Ship Time: 15-20 Work Days

  • Trademark: Yummy Food

  • Specification: 4mm

  • HS Code: 0712

  • Kind: Dehydrated Vegetable

  • Taste: Spicy

  • Form: Sliced

  • Horseradish Granule: Available

  • Quantity: 20FCL 7.5t

  • Mix with Garlic Granule: Ok

  • Protuction Time: Winter

  • Usage: with Fish and Salad etc.

  • Transport Package: by Sea or by Air

  • Origin: Shandong

Why Choose Us

Own planting base of horseradish which is the main ingredient of wasabi powder, abundant and stable raw materials to ensure the quality from the very beginning. 

Our horseradish is introduced from Hokkaido, Japan where is the best varieties over the world, with a better sweet and spicy taste than others.

TASSYA choose only the main root of the horseradish as raw material, which is more brilliant on color and better taste, without bitter astringent taste, and with a longer pungent spicy flavor.

Effectively control and reduce the sulfur dioxide under 30mg/kg by steam drying, which is a strict requirement from Japan.

Strictly pass the magnetic and metal detection according to Japanese standard.

Top quality automatically production line and strict quality control management to ensure the food safety and without intermediate pollution

Advanced technology and scientific recipe to give better taste and quality