Frozen Goma Chuka Hiyashi Wakame Salad

Frozen Goma Chuka Hiyashi Wakame Salad

Frozen seasoned seaweed for Japanese restaurant and family cooking and suitable for all aged people. New material of wakame is being harvested from our breeeding base from in the middle of January to the end of March in Dalian.

Product Details

Product Description

  • Type: Seaweed

  • Producing Area: Fresh Water Products

  • Saving Condition: Frozen


Product name:
Frozen Seaweed Salad/Hiyashi Wakame/Chuka wakame
Raw material: Fresh wakame
Usage: Ideal for restaurant and family cooking and suitable for all aged people
Ingredient: Seaweed, black fungus,high fructose corn syrup, agar agar,
sesame oil, hvp, sesame, sugar,
salt, seasoning, red chile pepper, citric acid, acetic acid,
onion powder and so on.
Grade A & B
Processing: Frozen, BQF
Net Weight: 500g, 1000g, 2000g or as customer's request
Certification: HACCP, FDA, QS,ISO 22000
Package: Inner Package:
500g/bag, 1000g/bag, 2000g/bag
Outer Package: carton or white plastic box
500g*2bags in one box,12boxes in one carton
1000g*2bags in one box,4boxes to a bundle
1000g*10bags in one carton
Storage method: keep frozen under -18 degrees
Shelf Life: 24 months
Main Market: Japan,Asia, Europe, North America,Europe ,Austrilia and so on

Packaging & Shipping
1.    500g/bag , 24bags/carton
2.   1Kg /bag,2bags/plastic box,4plastic box to a bundle
3.   1kg/bag, 10bags/carton
Our Services
Our customers visit the workshop :
1. Seasoning workshop :   Frozen seaweed salad, seasoned Octopus,
    seasoned shredded kelp ,seasoned Durvillaea Antarctica and so on.
 2. Drying workshop:  Dried Wakame,  Dried konbu, Dried shredded laminaria    and so on
  KOSHER CERTIFICATE                                 Bureau Veritas Certification
  HACCP ISO22000
 We attend World Food Exhibition in Moscow , Boston, Brussels etc every year

   Our other products
 Sushi Nori    Frozen seasoned Octopus
Why choose us?
1. Located in the best seaweed material base  and have our own professional workshops
2. Specializein seaweed for 20 years and rich experience in exporting 
3. Based on the strict quality, offer reasonable price
4 .Accept small order and OEM
5 .Fexible packages for our clients
 FROZEN SEAWEED 2_副本.jpgIMG_20180125_131358_副本.jpgNew sample with E101 E141 (5)_副本.jpgmmexport1521066291967_副本.jpg

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