Frozen Seaweed Salad Hiyashi Wakame

Frozen Seaweed Salad Hiyashi Wakame

Our frozen seaweed salad (hiyashi wakame) is made of wakame stem, added many other seasonings, or as per customer's special formula. Delicious taste is welcomed by many foreign customers.

Product Details

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • 1kg or as per customer's various requirements

  • Delivery Time

  • Within 15 days after payment


Frozen seaweed salad-hiyashi wakame: 
1. Instant food after open pack 
2. Delicious,tasty,healthy 
3. Long experience for export


1. How to eat:

Take out from the freezer to thaw, open bag and eat directly,

or mix with other vegetables for better catering consumption.


Attention: In order to keep the original and best taste, don't put into hot water to thaw,

                so as not to affect good taste.



2, Preservation methods: frozen at -18 centigrade degrees.


3, Shelf life: 18 months at -18 centigrade degrees 


4. Main Ingredients:

    Seaweed wakame stem cut

    Agar-agar Sugar Salt sesame seed Vinegar   Sesame oil Chilli



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