Good Taste Frozen Wakame Salad

Good Taste Frozen Wakame Salad

Frozen wakame salad is made from the middle part of seaweed stalk harvested in a pollution-free shore of threaded,cut and strict following the Japanese standard procedure

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Frozen wakame salad

Packing:1*12bags/ctn 20fcl:1180ctns/14160kgs

The main raw material is undaria stalk, the silk processing, the crony dish is a kind of high nutritive value, the health effect obvious large-scale brown algae. Mainly produced in China, Japan, the Korean peninsula and other coastal clean waters. Japanese food nutrition experts, Undaria contains high-quality nutrients, is a health, longevity food to give full affirmation. Undaria contains sugars, proteins, various amino acids and various microelements and vitamins that are beneficial to human health.

Frozen Seaweed salad (hiyashi-wakame), raw materials selected in Shandong Peninsula pollution-free sea undaria stem after washing, selection, scribing, and then add seasonings. Cold, its unique taste, popular at home and abroad, mainly exported to the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and other countries




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