Frozen Wakame Sea Mustard Spore Silk

Frozen Wakame Sea Mustard Spore Silk

Wakame is made from the middle part of seaweed stalk harvested in a pollution-free shore of Dalian.the seaweed stalk is carefully picked,threaded,cut and strict following the Japanese standard procedure.The seaweed is fast-frozen in a bacteria-free antiseptic,antistaling and preservatives.
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 Halal Kosher Frozen Chuka Wakame Seaweed Salad


1.Japanese Salad Hiyashi wakame 
2.Undaria Pinnatifida 
3.Very tender and smooth 
4.Silver Grade 
5.An Edible Ocean Plant

Wakame  is a sea vegetable, or edible seaweed. It has a subtly sweet flavour and is most often served in soups and salads.

Sea-farmers have grown wakame in Japan from the Nara period. It has been nominated as among 100 of the world's worst invasive species according to the Global Invasive Species Database.