Hiyashi Wakame Seasoned Seaweed Salad

Hiyashi Wakame Seasoned Seaweed Salad

Frozen seasoned seaweed salad is also called Hiyashi wakame. its main ingredients is wakame peduncle. wakame is grown in clean sea area in Dalian

Product Details

Quick Detail:

1. Name: frozen seaweed salad 

2. Appearance: green, slice with sesame seeds

3. Package: 1kg, 2kg and bulk

4. Place of origin: China

5. Storage: Frozen under -18 degree centigrade

6. Shelf life: 18 months


Zhanjia Enterprises (Dalian) Ltd has two big breeding base, Wakame is one of the most important large-scale economic seaweed along the coast of Dalian China.It's located between  the Yellow sea and the Bohai sea boundary, Our breeding base is non-pollution & clean & organic sea area in Lvshunkou District,Dalian. in the main producing areas of the Liaodong Peninsula wakame work carried out breeding of fine varieties of seaweed, successfully bred nepotism  New varieties and new varieties of aquatic obtain. 

Wakame is fast cultivated wakame sea Dalian-based, As screening population traits excellent individual, isolated and cultured cells derived from a single haploid clone, clone using haploid mating and directional selection fertility combined with techniques to yield and growth rate of breeding index, after four generations bred. This variety has a high yield, good food type, early fast growth, a high rate of notable features dishes suitable for farming in our breeding base. 

Wakame "zhanjia" can  cultivate new varieties of seaweed, Undaria meet our gaps seed cultivation, the realization of aquaculture breeding, and promote sustained, steady and healthy development of the seaweed cultivation industry will show to an important role in promoting sea food breeding.

   Dalian seafood is famous all over the world.Dalian's seawater is suitable of for wakame growth



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