Seaweeds Rosted Nori Grade A 50 Sheet

Seaweeds Rosted Nori Grade A 50 Sheet

Nori is roasted or dried by natural seaweed. It's used in making sushi roll. while the dried type may be used for this purpose as well as making seaweed soup and rice balls. China has the appropriate climate and sea areas for the nori growing.
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Product Details

Quick Detail:
Name: Yaki Sushi Nori

1. Products Name: Roasted Seaweed
    Size:      20.5*18.5cm (Fullsheet )
                  10*18.5cm (Half cut)
 3.2*16.5cm (6cut)
 3.2*16.8cm (Gunkan)
 2.7*17.5cm (7cut)
 2.7*15.5cm (8cut)
 4.5*10cm (8cut)
 1.6*10cm (20cut)
2. General Description:
Roasted Nori is produced by selecting,drying and cutting of 
 Seaweed only
The products is produced in compliance with the ISO 22000 
5.Trade Name:
Roasted seaweeds or Nori